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Review on Hypothetical Implementing TGF-β Family Members in Glaucoma Therapy

Ivan Sosa, Kata Culina, Alan Bosnar


For quite some time, glaucoma has been regarded as more than just intraocular pressure [IOP] elevation. Significant contribution to this conceptual improvement has risen from a better understanding of ocular blood flow, vessel wall integrity and certain advanced ideas in neuroophthalmology, for example neuroprotection. Transforming growth factor–β (TGF-β) molecule, its inhibitors and antagonists have been increasingly researched as possible new anti-glaucoma drugs for its many, pleiotropic, effects. Among those effects, enhancing fibrosis is one of the most apparent, but certain members of this cytokine’s superfamily act as anti-fibrotics. Recent scientific efforts strongly support pushing back the frontier of conventional medical treatment. Current medical approaches already use effects on blood flow and neuronal quiescence, with significant systemic side-effects. Endeavours on the ophthalmologic exploitation of selected, favourable effects of pleiotropic TGF-βs could promote TGF-β, its inhibitors or specific antibodies as new, ideal drugs in glaucoma therapy.


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