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Oculocardiac Reflex During Intravitreal Injection

Miguel Paciuc-Beja, Daniela Meizner-Grezemkovsky, Mario Paciuc, Idaira Sanchez-Santos, Anabeli Ruiz-Roman, Ashlee Fack, Andres Lisker-Cervantes, Gerardo Mendieta, Virgilio Morales-Canton, Hugo Quiroz-Mercado


Oculocardiac reflex (OCR) has been described to occur with mechanical manipulation of the eye, eyelids or orbit. There are no reports in the literature of OCR during intravitreal injection (IVI). This may be due to the fact that heart rate is not monitored during the procedure. We aimed to evaluate OCR during IVI. A total of 532 patients were enrolled in the study in Asociacion para Evitar la Ceguera en Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico. IVI was performed on one eye in every patient with diabetic retinopathy (DR), age related macular degeneration (AMD) or choroidal neovascularization (CNV) secondary to pathological myopia. Heart rate was monitored with a pulse oximeter before, during and after injection. OCR was defined as a 20% decrease or more of basal heart rate. The population enrolled included 270 females and 262 males with mean age of 63.8 years. A decrease in heart rate of 20% or more occurred in 18 patients during IVI (3.3%; 95% confidence interval 1.85% and 4.92%). OCR was asymptomatic in these patients. OCR occurred in 3.3% of our patients during IVI. Hence, OCR must be considered when performing IVI.


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