Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

Spring 2014

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Is Open-angle Glaucoma Caused by the NO/ONOO(-) Cycle Acting at Two Locations in the Eye? PDF XML
Martin Pall Pages: 1-2
The PEG-PCL-PEG Hydrogel as an Implanted Ophthalmic Delivery System after Glaucoma Filtration Surgery; a Pilot Study PDF XML
Ribo Peng, Gang Qin, Xiabin Li, Hongbin Lv, Zhiyong Qian, Ling Yu Pages: 3-8
Focal Laser Photocoagulation in Non-Center Involved Diabetic Macular Edema PDF XML
Irfan Perente, Zeynep Alkin, Abdullah Ozkaya, Doukas Dardabounis, Tulin Aras Ogreden, Aristeidis Konstantinidis, Konstantinos Kyratzoglou, Ahmet Taylan Yazici Pages: 9-16
Modified Middle Eastern Contrast Sensitivity Chart PDF XML
Mohammad Bagher Hadavand, Fatemeh Heidary, Roghayeh Heidary, Reza Gharebaghi Pages: 17-19
The Management of Patients with Cataracts and Medically Uncontrolled Glaucoma PDF XML
Rahat Husain Pages: 20-30
Dynamic Assessment of Binocular Eye Movement Coordination: Norms and Functional Implications PDF XML
Erik Viirre Pages: 31-37

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