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Collagen Matrix Implantation Following Pterygium Excision: Outcomes of a Preliminary Tested Hypothesis

Muhammad Arish, Abdul-Nasser Nadjafi, Mojdeh Mojdeh Jahangard


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of collagen matrix implant on pterygium recurrence compared with a control group following pterygium removal surgery. Following informed consent, twenty eyes of 20 patients (females = 13, males = 7, aged 23–67 years) were randomly allocated into two equal groups. Pterygia of all patients were excised using the bare sclera technique; however, for patients in the intervention group a 1×2 mm collagen matrix graft (iGen™) was implanted subconjunctivally. Patients were followed up for recurrence and complications within six months. Results revealed that only two eyes in the control group and one eye in the intervention group developed recurrence (p=0.50); no dellen formation was observed. In conclusion, the use of biodegradable collagen matrix implants (iGen™) following pterygium excision seems to be associated with a lower risk of recurrence; however, the statistical difference between groups was not significant. Further studies with adequate sample size are recommended.


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