Striped Circle Visual Acuity Chart; A Novel Visual Acuity Chart Based on the Landolt-C Chart



Measurement of Visual Acuity (VA) has been used for eye examinations under various clinical conditions. In addition, because of changes in VA with a range of eye diseases, its measurement is used to screen, diagnose, and evaluate response to treatment in numerous eye diseases and predict the patient's visual function. VA and the likelihood of astigmatism could be evaluated simultaneously using a newly designed Stripped Circle (SC) VA chart. This chart has been  developed based on the standard VA measurement scale chart, and the Landolt-C (LC) VA chart and all the standards for a VA chart design were implemented during its development. However, to publicize the clinical application of this VA measurement chart, further studies are required to evaluate its sensitivity, specificity, and repeatability compared with a similar standard VA chart.


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