Vol 7, No 1 (2018)

Spring 2018

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Mechanisms of Optical Regression Following Corneal Laser Refractive Surgery: Epithelial and Stromal Responses Full Text PDF XML
Majid MOSHIRFAR, Jordan D. DESAUTELS, Brian D. WALKER, Michael S. MURRI, Orry C. BIRDSONG, Phillip C Hoopes, Sr Pages: 1-9
The Correlation between Changes in Biochemical Parameters and Central Macular Thickness in Patients with Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Full Text PDF XML
Ayse Gul KOCAK ALTINTAS, Bayram GULPAMUK, Veysel CANKURTARAN, Cagri ILHAN, Mehmet CITIRIK Pages: 10-16
Consanguineous Marriage as a Risk Factor for Developing Keratoconus Full Text PDF XML
Hossein JAMALI, Vahid BEIGI, Ali SADEGHI-SARVESTANI Pages: 17-21
Striped Circle Visual Acuity Chart; A Novel Visual Acuity Chart Based on the Landolt-C Chart Full Text PDF XML
Mohammad Reza PISHNAMAZ, Hadi OSTADI MOGHADDAM Pages: 22-24
The Association between TGF-β1 G915C (Arg25Pro) Polymorphism and the Development of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: A Case-Control Study Full Text PDF XML
Efthymios KARMIRIS, Nikos KOURTIS, Malena P. PANTOU, Dimitris DEGIANNIS, Ilias GEORGALAS, Dimitrios PAPACONSTANTINOU Pages: 25-31
Comparison of Visual, Refractive and Aberration Measurements of INTACS versus Tricyclic ICL Lens Implantation; A Four-year Follow-up Full Text PDF XML
Shahrokh RAMIN, Azad SANGIN ABADI, Farideh DOROODGAR, Mehrdad ESMAEILI, Faizollah NIAZI, Sana NIAZI, Cyrus ALINIA, Yaser GOLESTANI, Reza TAJ ABADI Pages: 32-39
Knowledge and Awareness of Glaucoma in Subjects with Glaucoma and their Normal First-Degree Relatives Full Text PDF XML
Ali Riza Cenk CELEBI Pages: 40-47

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