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A Case of Artificial Snow Foam induced Corneal Endotheliitis Followed up by Scheimpflug Densitometry

Amr MOUNIR, Omar Fawzy ZIDAN, Islam AWNY, Engy Mohamed MOSTAFA


The aim was to present a rare case of artificial snow foam induced corneal endotheliitis followed up by Scheimpflug Densitometry. A 15-year-old male complained of redness, tearing and reduced vision in the left eye after artificial snow foam entered his left eye 4 days before the presentation. Slit lamp examination of the same eye showed ciliary injection with corneal edema with no epithelial defect and endothelial lesion measuring 3 × 4 millimeters (mm) with large keratic precipitates (KP). Examining the left eye by the Scheimpflug densitometry of the Sirius device (CSO, Florence, Italy) showed plaque on the back of the cornea. Aqueous tab Polymerase chain reaction analysis (PCR) results for the affected eye had negative results for viral infection. Improvement of ocular symptoms occurred after treatment with topical steroid therapy. Scheimpflug densitometry showed disappearance of the saw-tooth protrusions on the back of the cornea with decreased reflectivity. Corneal endotheliitis can be triggered by chemical ocular trauma. The Scheimpflug densitometry examination may be a useful noninvasive method for reaching a clinical diagnosis of corneal endotheliitis and monitoring treatment effectiveness.


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