Vol 2, No 3 (2013)

Autumn 2013

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Nurse Researchers; an Insight in Science Production in Ophthalmology PDF XML
Bajic Vladan Pages: 56-58
Aspirin and Age Related Macular Degeneration; the Possible Relationship PDF MP3 XML
Yan Wu, Wei Zhu, Yan-Hong Li, Jing Yu Pages: 59-68
Review of En-Face Choroidal Imaging Using Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography PDF XML
Mahsa A. Sohrab, Amani A. Fawzi Pages: 69-73
Instability in X chromosome inactivation patterns in AMD: a new risk factor? PDF XML
Bajic Vladan, Spremo-Potparevic Biljana, Vesna Mandusic, Milicevic Zorana, Lada Zivkovic Pages: 74-82
A Modified Pseudoisochromatic Ishihara Colour Vision Test Based on Eastern Arabic Numerals PDF XML
Fatemeh Heidary, Reza Gharebaghi Pages: 83-85
Effect of Unilateral Congenital Ptosis on Ocular Higher Order Aberrations in Children PDF XML
Dhivya Ashok Kumar, Amar Agarwal, Gaurav Prakash, Neha Vajpayee Boptm, Sathiya Packiyalakshmi, Athiya Agarwal Pages: 86-91

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